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Exploring Mental Health through perspectives and experiences. Real people, real stories. Hope, resilience, and inspiration. Interested in participating? Email us at podcast@crisisprepandrecovery.com or leave a message at (602)281-7795.
Jun 12th, 2022 by cprpodcast at 9:30 pm

In this episode, Chris Burrows discusses his journey through recovery after decades of service as a first responder started to take a toll on his mental health.

Apr 8th, 2022 by cprpodcast at 12:40 pm

In this episode, podcast contributor Laura Kofman discusses her experiences with long haul COVID symptoms.

Feb 6th, 2022 by cprpodcast at 1:00 pm

In today's episode, Eric Beer, CEO and founder of Recovery Breakthru, joins the podcast to discuss his incredible journey through addiction and recovery and how his life experiences motivated him to help others...




Dec 20th, 2021 by cprpodcast at 7:00 am

In this episode the CPR team discusses the potential advantages and disadvantages of gaming on mental health.

Sep 12th, 2021 by cprpodcast at 8:30 am

In this episode Stephen Johnson, founder and CEO of the Ih2 foundation (https://ih2.org), joins the podcast to discuss the effects of unresolved trauma on first responders and his drive to help others through his foundation.

Jul 1st, 2021 by cprpodcast at 7:00 am

The Recovery Corner is a section dedicated to discussing issues related to addiction and recovery. Mark Lee and Rob Wilson lead this segment offering great insights, unmatched wit, and refreshing candor.

Jun 19th, 2021 by cprpodcast at 10:00 am

In this episode, Mike Boylan (CEO at Crisis Preparation & Recovery, Inc.) and Maryanne Matthews (Clinical Operations Analyst/graduate student at Arizona State University), join a round table discussion around the benefits of Expressive Art Therapies.

May 31st, 2021 by cprpodcast at 7:00 am

The road to recovery from severe COVID cases is difficult and filled with physical and psychological challenges. In this episode Bob describes coming back from the brink of death and continuing to fight in search of better health.

Apr 15th, 2021 by cprpodcast at 7:00 am

In this episode Belinda and David discuss their trials and tribulations with COVID. In the darkest days when survival hung in the balance, they both relied on their faith and inner strength to fight through...

Mar 15th, 2021 by cprpodcast at 7:00 am

In this episode Kathy Abram joins the podcast to discuss her experiences teaching Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and her lifelong career in law enforcement.



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